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About Us


We Are D's Tree Service

At D’s Trees, our team of dedicated and passionate tree care professionals proudly serves Preston, Idaho, and the surrounding areas providing professional services for all your tree care needs. As a family-owned business, we take pride in providing top-notch tree care services with a personal touch, treating your trees as if they were in our own backyard. Our commitment to exceptional customer service and the highest quality care sets us apart in our mission to keep Preston and its neighboring regions lush, green, and healthy, one tree at a time.

Meet The Crew

Tyler Dietrich


Tyler grew up learning values of hard work and integrity. From a young age he had the opportunity to work alongside his dad and brothers in the family landscape business gaining skills of operating equipment, teamwork, and many valuable lessons. Tyler also spent much of his time in the hills hunting, snowmobiling, dirt biking and mountain biking.

His love for the outdoors led him to join the UFA (Unified Fire Authority) Wildland crew fighting wildfires across the country. During these years Tyler dedicated many hours training and learning techniques to become a sawyer, running the chainsaw to create fire breaks, and removing burning or hazard trees. Through these years he gained a sound understanding of tree felling, dynamics, and the vital importance of safety procedures and precautions needed during dangerous situations.

Continuing his career path, he had the opportunity to learn the techniques of forestry logging. He also spent several years working and training with successful tree companies acquiring and growing the skill set for residential tree work, proper pruning techniques, and managerial skills.
Once he finally settled down and became a family man, D’s Tree Service was created with much enthusiasm and love for working with trees.

Specializing in large tree removals🌲, Tyler is devoted to delivering quality work and meeting the highest safety standards for himself, his team members, and for you and your property. He always stays true to his values of integrity and honesty. While raising three boys (hopefully the next generation of workers), he loves being a dad and providing his children the opportunities to learn hard work, honest values and a little something about trees along the way!

Why Work With D's Trees

Tyler values honesty over all and tells you upfront the diagnosis on your tree care needs. He’s always sure to explain every project in as much detail as you want, to make sure you know the process for how we will be handling your needs. He can usually give several options to work within your budget and to safely handle any project. Tyler’s equipment is top notch and is sure to impress when you have a chance to see it in action.


Fair & Honest


Making Your Life Easier

Integrity is the foundation of our tree care approach at D’s Trees. When we work with you we prioritize honesty, transparency, and reliability, ensuring accurate assessments, realistic timelines, and fair pricing. Our expert arborists uphold ethical standards, fostering long-lasting relationships and an exceptional tree care reputation.

At D’s Trees, precision is essential. Our attention to detail and dedication to our craft guarantee our outstanding tree care services. We customize solutions based on all your tree’s needs, utilizing expert knowledge and industry techniques to minimize risk and optimize results. Our dedication to precision is what drives us to safely take care of each project to preserve the beauty and vitality of your trees.

Quality is a fundamental principle at D’s Trees, driving our passion for exceptional tree care. Our highly trained arborists use cutting-edge techniques and equipment, continuously investing in education and skill development. By adhering to safety standards and best practices, we strive to exceed your expectations, transform your landscape, and promote tree health.