Franklin, ID

Franklin, ID

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Franklin, known as Idaho’s first town, is a charming city nestled in Cache Valley. Established in the spring of 1860, the town of Franklin was the result of a northward movement of Mormon pioneers through the Cache Valley of Utah. They built modest cabins along the Cub River, originally known as the Muddy River, and embarked on agricultural activities. As more settlers arrived, communities began to form in the northern Cache Valley, all under the presumption they were in Utah territory. However, a formal boundary survey in 1872 revealed that Franklin was actually situated in Idaho, just a mile north of the Utah-Idaho border.

The urban planning of Franklin mirrored typical Utah settlements, featuring broad streets and a draw system to distribute town and farmland. The town lots were large enough for each house to have a garden, barn, and auxiliary buildings, with a central square reserved for what is now Franklin City Park. A notable landmark, the Relic Hall, showcases local and Mormon history and is open to the public seasonally. An elegant stone house, known as the Hatch House, built by Lorenzo Hill Hatch—a leading figure in the town’s early history—stands as an example of the Greek Revival architectural style. Although it has undergone significant alterations over time, it remains a symbol of the city’s past, illustrating the potential for future restoration to its original 19th-century state.

Franklin is located in Franklin County, Idaho, USA.

Franklin, Idaho Overview

Basic Information

  • Country: United States
  • State: Idaho
  • County: Franklin
  • Population (2021): 1,062
  • Population (2010): 641
  • Part of: Logan, Utah-Idaho Metropolitan Statistical Area
  • Area code: 208
  • Founded: 1860

Geographical Features of Franklin, ID

  • Total Area: 1.328 sq mi
  • Elevation: 4,501 ft (1,372 m)

Local Franklin, ID Weather

  • Typical Weather: 75°F (24°C)
  • Wind: South at 8 mph (13 km/h)
  • Humidity: 38%

Franklin, Idaho Tree Services

Tree Trimming in Franklin, ID

Tree trimming is an essential service for maintaining the health and aesthetics of Franklin's abundant trees. Our skilled arborists understand the importance of regular pruning and shaping, especially for the native Cottonwood and Douglas Fir trees. These services are not just about enhancing the beauty of your property; they also prevent potential hazards such as falling branches. Choose our local "tree trimming Franklin, ID" service for professional, timely, and effective tree care.

Tree Removal in Franklin, ID

When it comes to "tree removal Franklin, ID," we provide a comprehensive service that prioritizes safety and efficiency. Our arborists are trained to handle the removal of any tree, regardless of size or location. We understand that tree removal may be necessary due to disease, storm damage, or landscaping changes, and our team ensures minimal disruption to your property during this process.

Tree Health in Franklin, ID

In Franklin, our arborists' expertise extends beyond trimming and removal; we are also dedicated to maintaining and improving tree health. We're well-versed in the common diseases that affect Idaho's native trees and the best practices for their treatment and prevention. Regular health checks can prolong your trees' life and enhance the overall appearance of your landscape.