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Cove, a census-designated place (CDP) in Cache County, Utah, USA, boasted a population of 460 according to the 2010 census. It’s an integral part of the Logan, Utah-Idaho Metropolitan Statistical Area. The United States Census Bureau records indicate that Cove spans an area of 14.6 square miles (37.8 km2), all of which is land.


Cove, Utah Overview

Basic Information

  • Country: United States
  • State: Utah
  • County: Cache
  • Settlement Year: 1863
  • Founder: Goudy Hogan

Geographical Features of Cove, UT

  • Total Area: 14.6 sq mi (37.8 km2)
  • Land Area: 14.6 sq mi (37.8 km2)
  • Water Area: 0.0 sq mi (0.0 km2)
  • Elevation: 4,557 ft (1,389 m)

Cove, UT Demographics

  • Population (2010): 460
  • Population Density: 32/sq mi (12.2/km2)

Local Time and Codes

  • Time zone: Mountain Standard Time (UTC-7), Mountain Daylight Time during DST (UTC-6)
  • ZIP code: 84320
  • Area code: 435
  • FIPS code: 49-16490
  • GNIS feature ID: 1440063

Cove, Utah Tree Services

Tree Trimming in Cove, UT

Preserving Cove's abundant Quaking Aspens and Pinyon Pines requires regular, professional tree trimming. Our "tree trimming Cove, UT" service is designed to maintain these trees' health and aesthetic appeal. Our arborists use precise pruning techniques to stimulate healthy growth and prevent potential hazards.

Tree Removal in Cove, UT

"Tree removal Cove, UT" is a service we offer with safety, efficiency, and professionalism as our top priorities. Tree removal may be necessary due to various reasons, including disease, storm damage, or property development. Our team ensures minimal disruption during the process while ensuring your property's safety and cleanliness.

Tree Health in Cove, UT

Keeping the trees in Cove healthy is vital to preserving the city's natural charm. We offer thorough health checks for your trees, providing treatments for common diseases and infestations found in Cove. Our arborists are trained to identify early signs of health issues and provide appropriate treatments, ensuring your trees remain vibrant and healthy.