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Richmond, UT

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Nestled in Cache County, fourteen miles north of Logan, is Richmond, a city steeped in history and charm. Its beginnings trace back to July 1859, when Agrippa Cooper and his family first set up camp at Bowers Springs, an area located on Richmond’s southwest boundary. The following autumn brought more settlers, marking the establishment of a budding community. With the arrival of more settlers in spring 1860, Richmond quickly flourished with roads, irrigation systems, and agriculture taking shape. A fort was constructed at the heart of the city as advised by Brigham Young for protection, considering the possibility of Indian raids. Richmond, whose naming origins remain a subject of speculation, was officially incorporated as a city on February 26, 1868.

Richmond’s economic landscape was shaped by its early industries, including a shingle mill, sawmill, and gristmill. It was in Richmond that the region’s first creamery was established, a testament to Cache Valley’s rich dairy and cattle heritage. By the late 19th century, Richmond had evolved into a significant manufacturing hub in the county, only second to Logan. This tradition continues today with major industries including Pepperidge Farms, Lower Food, and Heart to Heart, a producer of low-fat yogurt products.

The city is also home to the annual Black and White Days celebration, a century-old event aimed at promoting high-quality dairy cattle. Today, this event stands as one of the largest exclusive Holstein dairy shows in the United States, drawing exhibitors from across the Intermountain West. Richmond’s growth has been steady and noticeable, with its population rising by approximately 1,000 between 1940 and 1970, and continuing to expand into the 21st century.

Richmond, Utah Overview

Basic Information

  • Country: United States
  • State: Utah
  • County: Cache
  • Area code: 435
  • ZIP code: 84333
  • Population (2021): 2,967
  • Population (2020): 2,733
  • Part of: Logan Metropolitan Area

Geographical Features of Richmond, UT

  • Total Area: 3.5 sq mi
  • Elevation: 4,610 ft

Local Franklin, ID Weather

  • Typical Weather: 75°F (24°C)
  • Wind: South at 8 mph (13 km/h)
  • Humidity: 38%

Richmond, Utah Tree Services

Tree Trimming in Richmond, UT

Richmond is home to many beautiful tree species, including Rocky Mountain Juniper and Engelmann Spruce. Regular "tree trimming Richmond, UT" helps maintain their health, form, and the overall beauty of your landscape. Our trained arborists know the specific pruning requirements of these species and apply that expertise to deliver top-quality service.

Tree Removal in Richmond, UT

For safe and efficient "tree removal Richmond, UT," you can count on our experienced team. Removing trees can be necessary for several reasons, such as disease, property risk, or development projects. Regardless of the reason, we approach each project with safety and minimal disruption in mind, handling all aspects from initial assessment to final cleanup.

Tree Health in Richmond, UT

Caring for tree health is essential in Richmond, as trees contribute so much to our local environment and way of life. We conduct thorough tree health assessments to detect any signs of disease or pests, which are critical for early intervention. Rely on our arborist team to keep your Richmond trees in peak health.