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Weston, a city with a rich pioneering history, was established on April 15, 1865, by settlers who made their initial camp west of the present location in an area called Cedarville. The city’s name has a couple of narratives linked to it. Some say Weston was originally named ‘West Town’ owing to its western location in the Cache Valley, a name that was eventually shortened to Weston. An alternate theory suggested by Mary Ann Weston Maughan’s journal claims that the city was named after her maiden name by her husband, Peter. However, the most accepted notion is that Weston is named for its geographic orientation, not a specific person.

In its early years, the settlers resided in tents or dugouts, later replaced with log homes, marking the humble origins of Weston. By the turn of the century, Weston’s population had surged to over a thousand residents, becoming a prominent town in the valley. It offered amenities for every aspect of daily life, from a general store, blacksmith shop, and hotel, to medical and dental offices, law firms, an opera house, and schools. Although most of these commercial structures no longer exist, and the majority of residents work and shop outside the city limits, Weston remains a cherished place to live with its 2010 census population of 437.

Today, Weston is renowned for its picturesque landscape, encompassing beautiful mountains and expansive fields. The city’s agricultural roots run deep, and this legacy continues to define the character of Weston, making it an appealing and peaceful residential area.

Weston, Idaho Overview

Basic Weston, ID Information

  • Country: United States
  • State: Idaho
  • County: Franklin
  • Population (2021): 529
  • Population (2010): 437
  • Part of: Logan, Utah-Idaho Metropolitan Statistical Area
  • Area code: 208
  • First Settlement: 1865

Geographical Features of Weston, ID

  • Total Area: 1.903 sq mi
  • Elevation: 4,744 ft

Local Weather in Weston, ID

  • Typical Weather: 74°F (23°C)
  • Wind: South at 8 mph (13 km/h)
  • Humidity: 38%

Weston, Idaho Tree Services

Tree Trimming in Weston, ID

Tree trimming is an essential service for maintaining the health and aesthetics of Franklin's abundant trees. Our skilled arborists understand the importance of regular pruning and shaping, especially for the native Cottonwood and Douglas Fir trees. These services are not just about enhancing the beauty of your property; they also prevent potential hazards such as falling branches. Choose our local "tree trimming Franklin, ID" service for professional, timely, and effective tree care.

Tree Removal in Weston, ID

In cases where tree removal becomes necessary, you can rely on our efficient "tree removal Weston, ID" services. We handle everything from assessing the tree's condition to safely removing it, ensuring minimal impact on your property. Whether it's due to disease, storm damage, or construction needs, our team executes the process professionally and safely.

Tree Health in Weston, ID

The health of your trees is our top priority. Our arborists provide thorough health checks, identifying signs of disease or infestation early on. We offer treatments tailored to Weston's common tree diseases and provide advice on how to maintain your trees' health.